Your aging family member faces challenges that require solutions. We understand these challenges and use our knowledge of trusted local resources to design solutions that protect our clients’ dignity and enhance their quality of life.

Because every elder faces different challenges and circumstances, we begin by identifying the issues at hand. Elders and their families can choose either a consultation or a comprehensive assessment to identify needs and investigate solutions.


Our expert care manager will meet with the elder and family in their home or community to listen to your specific concerns and challenges. Drawing on our extensive experience in eldercare and our knowledge of local providers, we will present available resources and craft a personalized solution that fits your loved one’s needs.

Comprehensive Assessment

During a comprehensive assessment, our certified care manager will meet with your loved one and you in your loved one’s home to complete a wide-ranging assessment that addresses every aspect of your well-being: from medical needs and healthcare, home safety, home care services, dietary needs, social support, and spiritual life to questions about entitlements, legal issues, and finances.   This assessment helps all of us—the elder, the family, and ElderTree—identify short and long term goals and solutions.   We then provide a detailed, personalized care plan to address these needs. This care plan includes specific resource recommendations to highly qualified local providers we know and trust.

Ongoing Management

Families and their elders often decide to use ElderTree experts to coordinate the solutions identified in their personalized care plan. We designate one primary care manager to each of our clients so that our certified care managers can establish an ongoing relationship with your loved one. Our ongoing care management services focus on three areas:

We help families understand the challenges facing their aging family members. Working with families and their elders, we help facilitate difficult discussions such as driving, independent living safety versus quality of life concerns, and crisis intervention. We also help families identify geriatric specialists for their legal, financial, and medical questions. Finally, families who live at a distance from their loved ones count on us to be their eyes and ears to make sure things are going well and to alert them before problems develop.

Our certified care managers are expert advocates for our clients. By visiting with our clients, we can monitor the quality of the care they are receiving at home or in a facility and advocate on their behalf. We can also accompany your loved one on medical appointments and visit during hospital stays, serving as their advocate with medical professionals.

Care coordination
With more than 12 years serving North Virginia and the Washington, D.C. metro area, we have longstanding relationships with high quality service providers in the area. We can coordinate the following services:

  • Medical care and appointments
  • In- home care
  • Moving to or from a retirement community, assisted care facility, or nursing home
  • Home accessibility and safety modifications
  • Household management
  • Hospice and end-of-life services

Because we visit our clients either weekly or bi-weekly, we are able to monitor the quality of these services.

Emergency Services

If your loved one has an emergency, ElderTree can help. We have certified care managers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week: if our clients face an emergency, they don’t have to face it alone.

How We are Different

Because you contact us for independent third-party referrals to trustworthy local services, we feel that it would be a conflict of interest for ElderTree to offer those services in-house. Our commitment to you and your loved one is to refer you to the most trusted, respected, high-quality local care providers available.

We also want you to know that we do not accept referral fees or any other form of compensation from the service providers we recommend.   We want you to be completely comfortable putting your trust in us.

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