Care Giver Coaching Program

Introduction to the Care Giver Coaching Program:

Welcome to ElderTree Care Management’s Caregiver Coaching Program! We are glad you’ve found us and look forward to being a resource for you on your caregiving journey. When it comes to being a caregiver, the phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know” often applies and that’s where we come in. You may be new to the caregiver role or perhaps you have been providing assistance to a loved one for years. You might be providing daily hands-on care or making weekly phone calls from across the country just to “check-in”. No matter your unique situation, we can help. Our coaching services support family caregivers to provide effective oversight of their loved one’s care from near or far, giving you the tools to prepare an action plan and solve issues quickly. We also plan for the future, maximizing quality of life today and avoiding unnecessary crises in the future.

About the Program:

ElderTree Caregiver coaching and consulting is designed to empower family caregivers through education and support. It will provide you with knowledge and tools to improve your effectiveness and confidence in your caregiver role. Coaching sessions are conducted in weekly 45-minute telephone or Skype calls. During the first session, your coach will gather information about your caregiving role and work with you to identify your caregiving goals. Ultimately, you will set the goals for your coaching program and your coach will provide the guidance and knowledge necessary for you to meet those goals. Some areas that may be covered during the coaching process include:

  • Creating a short-term and long-term plan for care of your loved one.
  • Increasing understanding and knowledge of your loved one’s diagnosis and prognosis.
  • Creative problem solving around behavioral issues related to dementia.
  • Strategies for addressing family strain or conflict related to caregiving.
  • Considerations when looking for a facility and moving a loved one.

Meet your ElderTree Coaches:

Kate Caldwell
Kate Caldwell
Colleen Rogers
Colleen Rogers