Client Testimonials

What do clients and professionals say about ElderTree?

“Not only do I endorse them professionally, I would trust them with anyone in my family.”  -Steven P Simmons, MD Director of Medical Operations, Doctalker Family Medicine


“Kate and her staff are terrific, bringing calm and competence to assist in difficult and stressful situations.” -Ken Labowitz, Elder Law Attorney/ Guardian

“To Kate and her team- this is more than just a job.  The Care Managers go above and beyond expectations to provide safety and well-being for their clients.  The team quite literally saved the lives of my clients; they would not have survived long in their homes without their intervention.” -Jonathan Westreich Elder Law Attorney /Guardian

“ElderTree Care Management’s expert guidance and deep knowledge of the challenges involved with dignified and compassionate elder care were tremendously helpful.  As the only child of a father with Alzheimer’s, Kate helped me assess our care options, solve complex problems, and create a customized care plan.  Both her head and her heart were focused on my father and me as we faced the last three years of his life.” -M.H., Daughter

“As an only child, I had the responsibility of caring for both of my parents for four years.  Kate’s compassion for the elderly along with her expertise and knowledge of local resources provided me the support I needed during that difficult time.  I am so grateful for all that she and her team did to ensure my parents safety and well being in the last years of their lives.” -E.A., Daughter

“My family and I are forever grateful to the ElderTree team for the love and care they provided my Aunt.  They demonstrated heart and compassion for my Aunt under difficult circumstances.” -C.R., Nephew

“Kate’s helpful intervention brought much needed comfort to my father in his final weeks. I only wish I had known of her services earlier.”  –D.A., Son

“I visit my father often and I know him well, but I will never know someone with dementia as well as Kate does. Kate helps me put everything into perspective. She helps me see what to focus on in terms of my father’s needs. Kate has been working in the elder care field for so long, so I know she understands, and I know that I want to tap into all that expertise.” -M.K., Daughter

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